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Claiming Guide
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26 Jul 2021
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24 Aug 2021

One of the most important parts to a survival server is knowing how to claim. This will protect your items from other players. Please remember any unclaimed items can be taken by other players! If you have any difficulty making a claim be sure to ask for help.


To make a claim you need to have claim blocks. You automatically get claim blocks for being online: 50 claim blocks for every 60 minutes of playtime - You can increase this hourly rate with vote ranks! You can also get claim blocks from /vote, /store, events, and achieving new vote ranks!

When you first put down a chest the blocks around the chest will be automatically claimed. Remember you can check if something has been claimed by holding a stick and right clicking an area.

  • If the area isn't claimed you will see a message like this:


  • If the area is claimed you will see a message like this:


  • If you click "Basic" after inspecting a claim with a stick, you'll see information about the claim:


  • To create a claim, you will need a golden shovel (or you can type /claim!). When you equip a golden shovel, you may see a message to let you know how many claim blocks you have:


  • If you have successfully claimed an area, you should see glowstone and a gold marking out the borders to your claim:


For a basic tutorial on how to claim, you can watch this video:


GriefDefender Basic Commands [Might not be latest]

  • /claim - Toggles claiming land. **No need for a golden shovel!**
  • /cf - Toggle different flags inside of your claim.
  • /basiclaims - Toggles the basic claim creation mode.
  • /subdivideclaims - Toggles the subdivision creation mode.
  • /abandonallclaims - Deletes ALL of your claims. 
  • /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim/subdivision you're standing in.
  • /abandontop - Deletes a claim and all its subdivisions. 
  • /trust <username> <permission> - If no permission is specified, the user will receive full privileged in your claim, minus the manager role.</permission></username>
  • /trust <username> manager - Allows users to make permission changes to your claim.</username>
  • /trust <username> accessor - Allows users to interact with levers, buttons, doors, etc.</username>
  • /trust <username> container - Gives only container access permissions.</username>
  • /trust <username> builder - Gives only building permissions.</username>
  • /trustall <username> <permission> - Gives the specified user access to all of your claims.</permission></username>
  • /untrustall <username> - Removes user from all of your claims.</username>
  • /untrust <username> - Removes specified user from the claim you're in.</username>
  • /expandclaim <amount> [direction] - Expands claim by the specified amount in the direction you're facing.</amount>
  • /contractclaim <amount> - Contracts/shrinks the claim from the direction you are facing.</amount>
  • /claimtransfer <username> - Gives the specified user your claim. **You lose access to it!**</username>
  • /trustlist - Gives permission information about the claim you're standing in.
  • /claiminfo - Gives claim settings information.
  • /claimlist - Displays all of your claims/subdivides.
  • /claimgreeting <message> - Displays a message when entering the claim.</message>
  • /claimfarewell <message> - Displays a message when leaving the claim.</message>
  • /claimname <name> - Sets a name for the claim you're standing in.</name>
  • /givepet <username> - Gives vanilla pets to specified user after you right click it.</username>
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