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Setting up a Warp
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26 Jul 2021
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24 Aug 2021

What are Warps?

Warps allow everyone on a server to instantly teleport to a specific place within the world. They work just like homes (/sethome & /home), but everyone has access to the warps! We are very excited to have our own custom warp system that allows players to easily create their own warp wherever they want and maintain them (the name, description, icon, passcodes, and more) on their own! This lets you easily promote your town, shop, or just about anything else on the server. To purchase a warp, visit here.

Maintaining a Warp

We've made it easy for you to maintain your warp on your own. As the warp owner you can change the name, description, and icon anytime. There is no charge for modifying a warp. To access the GUI to manage your warp, just do /warps and click on the chest labeled "My Warps" in the bottom left corner. The GIF below may be outdated.


Maintaining a warp also involves making sure it looks nice, shops are well stocked, and, if it's a town, open plots are always available for residents to move in. Make sure you keep up on maintaining your warp or it could be deleted! If a warp is deleted by a staff member, you can recreate it by yourself, but please follow the warp requirements next time!

Warp Requirements

  1. You need to be the owner of the claim your warp is placed in!
  2. Your warp area should look good. It should look professional, and be nearly finished. Your warp should be safe for players and easy to navigate. Additionally, your warp should have a primary function. When a player spawns it should be immediately clear how to use the primary function; include detailed warp descriptions!
  3. If your warp's primary function is a shop, then they need to be selling something players want and you need to keep them well stocked.
  4. If your warp is a town or shopping district/mall, the entire place should be inside one claim. You should have plenty of subdivided plots set up, and be active enough to maintain and assign players to those subdivided plots quickly.
  5. If your warp is a public spawner or mob farm, players must have access to the materials dropped by mobs, either for free or as part of a profit setup.
  6. If your warp is something else, such as a pretty build players enjoy hanging out at, then make sure it's unique or offers something that other similar warps do not. (If the project is awesome, I may ask to create a private (PMC) warp for it, and upload the build schematic to PMC!)
  7. Warps needs to be more than 500 blocks apart, and two warps can not lead to the same area.

Warp Notes

  • With this post, the creation of shops (using the plugin /market) are now allowed outside of spawn and marketplace, but ONLY when it's at a warp point setup for the shop/town/marketplace/etc. This does NOT mean you can create a private shop outside of someone else's warp/claim and then advertise it that way. 
  • The rules for the marketplace do not apply for private warp shops - Chest creation limit is still enforced. Defaults/guests(non-members) can not create shops, Members who are Savage+ vote rank can create 12 chests, and Pro+ members can create 20 chests. These can be double chests outside of the spawn & main marketplace. I do highly suggest warp/claim owners to enforce similar rules, as they are there to help prevent the average user from lagging!
  • Warp owners of malls/shop plots: If you'd like someone's chests removed for whatever reason, contact a Moderator+.

Useful Commands

  • /warp - Opens up the main warp menu.
  • /warp icon <set> <warp> - Sets your warps icon to held item.</warp></set>
  • /warp rename <warp> <name> - Rename your warp.</name></warp>
  • /warp rate <warp> <rate out="" of=""> - Rate any specified warp out of 5 stars.</rate></warp>
  • /warp desc <set> <warp> <desc> - Set your warps description.</desc></warp></set>
  • /warp lock <warp> - Toggles locking and unlocking your warp. Locked warps prevent teleporting to them.</warp>
  • /warp password <set> <warp> <password> - Create a password for your warp.</password></warp></set>
  • /warp set <warp> - Set your warp. You must own a warp to set them. Purchase in game with /buy.</warp>
  • /warp remove <warp> - Delete your specified warp. </warp>
Dovahshin · 3 months ago