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Welcome to the new forums; Forums vs. Discord
Started by Dovahshin



26 Jul 2021
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24 Aug 2021

The only negative aspect I’ve noticed has been that more and more people seem to be using Discord for support/help/troubleshooting with things they are working on. I get that the real-time back and forth can be very appealing for this, but there are several good reasons for us to favor using the forums for those types of topics:

  • New questions/topics in the forum stay visible for much longer, whereas with Discord they get pushed up in the chat pretty quickly (sometimes prompting the same person to re-ask the same question a few times)
  • Topics are threaded on the forums, so it’s much more organized and better-suited for long term discussion (when you ask a question on Discord it is invariably mixed in with whatever other people are talking about as well)
  • Having longer-running threads allows other people who may have the same question or problem later on to see it (or find it through searching) and jump in on the discussion.
  • Forum threads show up in Google search results, which is very handy (I’ve even run across threads on our forums I missed when googling for a solution to a problem) for server publicity. 
  • The real-time nature of people direct-messaging you on Discord can quite frankly be a little stressful. There’s the expectation from people that they will receive an answer immediately and I’ve had multiple experiences where a user was obviously getting irritated with me for not answering them quickly enough. The forums are much more relaxed in this regard (like emailing vs. text messaging).

So with the above in mind we’re going to start trying to steer people toward using the forums for support/questions/troubleshooting, and using Discord more for general chat/banter. It’s a fine line (we don’t want to ban ALL questions, that would be silly), and so will largely be up to the discretion of the mods on Discord. I'll also be creating a ton of how-to guides/other useful information to be posted on the forums, that can be referred to whenever someone has a question, instead of having to answer the same question a dozen times a week.

This is not to say that the Discord is useless for past information, it's more so that users don't know how to utilize the search feature, as it's quite in-depth and intense, and can be intimidating. But it's easier than you think! If you've ever got a question that you're unsure about, use the Discord search function before asking for help:

Any questions/concerns/feedback please post them here!

Dovahshin · 3 months ago