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Massive Bug Fixes
Started by Dovkin



06 Jul 2019

Over the last few days, I've been working on fixing tons of issues, and I came across this plugin that is constantly updated and heavily developed to patch and secure servers from glitches and exploits for duping. I'm going to copy and paste each snippet of what each section does, and you can read through it if you want! Please note, that these snippets are written for server owners, and not for the general public, so some might not make sense, or it might explain settings for me to set in the config. It shouldn't change anything gamewise for you (unless you're exploiting!) - It did patch some villager issues that you may have been abusing, but that'll also be fixed in the following Minecraft updates. Majority of these bugs have been in the game for years, and Mojang isn't fixing them:

TNT Dupers:

Protects and identifies the tnt dupers that is present and CONFIRMED working in the latest spigot build. This duper does work in the final 1.13.2 release as well as 1.14 snapshots!!! This protection detects and prevents the tnt from ever being lit silently protecting you from this dupe.

Prevent chests on animals:

Added an option to block chests from being used on donkey/horse/llama/mule etc. These mobs are used for portal dupes as well as one using a hacked client to dupe. Therefore you can enable:

Settings.DisableChestsOnMobs: true and all chests will be disabled on these creatures.

Nested Shulker Box Exploit:

Will detect and remove shulker boxes stored inside other shulker boxes, which is not vanilla behavior typically accomplished using glitches.

Bedrock Removal Patch:

Prevents the long standing bedrock removal method that involves headless pistons. -> Youtube Video (which still works in 1.14) Any piston that has its head removed will also have its base removed.

Hoppers Across Lazy Chunk Dupe:

Prevents using hoppers across a chunk border to duplicate items when the chunk is unloaded or in a lazy state.. -> Youtube Video

Nether/End Portal Dupe:

Prevents nether portal / end portal duping!

-> Youtube Video
Completely blocks non player entities from traveling to to the nether or end, you can enable either in the config as well as whitelist entity types if you deem these safe. Please note you'll need to use the entity types located here:

If you are using an older version of minecraft you'll need to verify that the entity type's name is correct you should be able to do this by looking at the entity while F3 is active in your client.

You can also set the whitelistmode to false in the configuration to have the whitelist behave as a blacklist. Ie all entities will be allowed to pass EXCEPT for those on the whitelist.

Minecarts Glitched Into Blocks:

Added protection against minecart glitching, this will prevent players from being able to use pistons to glitch a minecart inside another block. **Note this only prevents players from doing the glitch it does not fix already glitched ones.

If your server already has minecarts glitched into blocks and you would like to remove them from your world turn on the setting: RemoveExistingGlitchedMinecarts: true in the config.

Autoclicker/Fishing Mod Protection:

Protects against AutoClicker fishing AND Auto fishing mods. These two exploits are handled / detected differently and have different options. To Be clear this does NOT break fishing farm setups OR inhibit normal fishing in any way. If a player is fishing normally without the use of 3rd party / auto clicking exploits they should never be interrupted by these protections.

1) Auto Fish Mod protection: (Default Configuration) Several variations of this exist and they're all 3rd party clients or part of a hacked client. But they all cast in the same area over and over again, typically with zero movement which is technically possible if your player were to say hold their mouse in the air and just right click whenever a fish is caught to cast in the exact same place. This protection will monitor the location of the hook and if its within a tiny area track the number of fish caught. After a configurable amount of fish, staff is notified of the offending player and that location is blacklisted. Any further casts into that area will NOT yield any more fish until the player casts elsewhere and catches a fish.

There is an advanced mode option that will instead of notifying staff about the potential mod user, it will instead warn the player directly that they are suspected of using the mod and should change where they're casting their lure. If they catch another fish from the same spot instead of casting elsewhere they'll be kicked from the server (Off by default)

2) Autoclicker protection:

(all versions) reliably detects players who are spam casting / auto click fishing. This exploit is very different from normal fishing, they'll target an intractable such a note block, repeater, lever etc and either activate a macro that holds down the right mouse button, or put a weight on the button, or tape the button down etc, and whenever a fish is caught the fish will be reeled in and the lure instantly recast.

a) These farms are typically one water block setups but it could be used at an ocean just as easily..

b) Many right clicks are detected between fish catches so it is very easy to tell these players from players who are actually fishing.

c) There should NEVER be any reason a player needs to hold down the right mouse button on an intractable block while fishing,

Once a player is detected staff is notified, their catch is removed and they are kicked from the server with a configurable kick message.
-> Youtube Video

Villager Trade Exploits: 

Protects against the villager trade cheesing exploit that allows players to get villagers to change their profession over and over (thus creating new trades) until they found the best possible trade for that villager. Now villagers will be locked to the first trade they spawn with until the player levels them up.

Also protects against players glitching the discounts by making the villagers swim! Players will be unable to trade with a swimming villager (until a better fix is found).
-> Youtube Video

Currently in 1.14 (up to 1.14.3 so far) it is possible to hold a silk touch book in hand, and then break a block, (Eg glass, ice, ores etc) these items will drop as if a silk touch tool was used on them! This protection prevents this exploit and stops the block from breaking. Forcing players to use a properly enchanted tool to mine the block.

Zero Tick Exploits:

Now protects against Zero Tick exploits of Bamboo and Sugarcane, previously these plant's couldn't be grown faster with the zero tick exploit however later versions of 1.14 and 1.14.1 as well as 1.14.2 are affected!

Prevents the 0 tick cacti/chorus fruit farm exploits (1.13 & 1.14). This protection will remove any cacti and the piston that caused the 0 tick exploit when triggered. These farms are capable of producing insane amounts of these items.
-> Youtube Video

On top of all of that, pumpkins and diamond blocks are now able to be put into your private vaults! 😀

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