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26 Jul 2021
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24 Aug 2021

Please read the full list of commands [here](!

Supporter [$8.00 USD]

  • Yellow Username
  • #Patron Chat Tag
  • 5 Homes /sethome
  • Toggle weather /pweather
  • Portable workbench /craft
  • Portable enderchest /ec
  • Ability to /itemname any item.

Premium [$15.00 USD]

  • Inherits all previous ranks
  • Light Blue Username
  • #Baller Chat Tag
  • 7 Homes /sethome
  • Change the time for yourself /ptime
  • Replenish your hunger /feed (15 minute cooldown)
  • Edit your nickname /nick
  • Access to /hat (put items and blocks on your head)
  • Access to /editsign 
  • Add colours to your signs
  • Ability to add custom lore text to any item (/itemlore)

Pro [$25.00 USD]

  • Inherits all previous ranks
  • Pink Username (Changeable with /nick)
  • Colourful nicknames /nick (
  • $ Chat Tag
  • 15 Homes /sethome
  • Bypass 3 minute teleport cool down
  • Fly around with /fly
    • /Fly does NOT work in the Nether or End or the Resource World.
  • 20 total shop chests
  • Free microblock heads from /heads

Ultra [$55.00 USD]

  • Inherits all previous ranks
  • Green Username (Changeable with /nick)
  • HEX/RGB coloured nicknames! Example: /Nick b8ffbaDov (Ultras have access to hex colour codes for their nicknames, whereas Pros will remain with just the default Minecraft colour codes (&a, &b, &1, &2, etc).
  • #Dedicated Chat Tag
  • 25 Homes /sethome
  • Bypass 3 second teleport delay
  • Receive the artkit for artmap when you sit on an easel. This gives you every dye and tool that can be used on canvases! 
  • Teleport back to your previous location /back (works for your death location too!)
  • Condense items into blocks /condense (9 diamonds turn into 1 diamond block)
  • Two rows of additional backpack space /backpack (Items **are** dropped upon death!)
  • Automatically sort chests /sort on/off/toggle
  • Use HEX/RGB colours on signs, item names & in lores. Example: "/editsign set 1 b8ffbaMint green!" or "/itemname b8ffbaMint green!"
  • Teleport directly to shop chests with /shop

Omega [$125.00 USD]

  • Inherits all previous ranks
  • Purple Username (Changeable with /nick)
  • Ω Chat Tag
  • 25 Homes /sethome
  • Three rows of additional backpack space /backpack (Items are dropped upon death!)
  • Automatically switch to the best tool for the job /besttool
  • Deposit your inventory into nearby empty chests /dump
  • Sort your inventory into nearby matching chests /unload
  • Automatically sort your inventory /invsort on/off/toggle
  • Items you break instantly drop into your inventory /drop2inv
  • Create your own custom #tag! Please contact me in #create-a-ticket to discuss possibilities on tags. Inappropriate tags will not be allowed, nor will controversial tags. Symbols are also not allowed in custom tags.


All donator ranks, commands & permissions are subject to change at any time. 

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