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Setting up a Shop
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26 Jul 2021
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24 Aug 2021

If you're wanting to create a new shop at spawn or the marketplace, please first read the rules here! Once you've read the rules and understand them, request a plot in the #staff-help Discord channel. Please include information such as your in game username, where you'd like your shop located, and anything else that you think may be helpful.

Please note, when you're finished editing the sign, you must punch it with the item you're wanting to sell. This goes for all types of shops.


Sell items to other players:

This example sells 3 of whatever item you chose for 2 diamonds. 


Buy items from other players:

This example buys 3 of whatever item you chose for 2 diamonds.


Barter items with other players:

This example trades (buys) 3 items (from you, the buyer) for 2 items (from the seller).


Combine a buying and selling shop into one:

This example sells or buys 4 of the item. When players click the left side of the sign it buys 4 of the item for 2 diamonds. When players click the right side of the sign, it sells 4 of the item for 3 diamonds.


Here's a video explaining all of the shop types:

In the video, the default currency is shown as emeralds. On TVE, we use diamonds.


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