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Miscellaneous Server Commands

  • /server - Switch between the different servers: Cobalt, Crimson, Coral, etc.
  • /vote - Opens up the vote links.
  • /sit - Sit anywhere. Or even float!
  • /votebest - Shows highest total votes you reached per day/week/month.
  • /votelast - Shows when you last voted on each of the websites.
  • /votenext - Shows when you can vote again per website.
  • /votestreak - Shows your current and best vote streak.
  • /votetop [page] - Shows the vote top page.
  • /votetotal - Shows you your total amount of votes.
  • /activeboosters - Displays if there are any current XP boosts activated.
  • /buy - Opens the shop GUI.
  • /tags - Opens the GUI for all tags.
  • /map - Sends you a link to the MC-TVE dynmap, along with some other useful information about the world map.
  • /dynmap hide - Hides you on the Dynmap.
  • /dynmap show - Reveals you on the Dynmap again.
  • /artmap - Opens up the artmap GUI.
  • /artmap save - Save current canvas on the easel that you're mounted on.
  • /report - Report bugs, issues, or players. 
  • /co inspect - Toggles viewing block logs.

Chat Commands

  • /join - Joins a channel. You'll be set to speak in the channel, and receive messages from others in this channel.
    • You can also use /global and /local to join the two channels!
  • /leave - Leaves a channel, won't receive any messages sent in the channel you left.
  • /listen - Join a channel, but not set to speak in. Only view/"listen" to messages sent by others.
  • /chlist - View a list of possible channels you can join. Global is cross-server and local is a 230 block radius around you.
  • /party help - Displays all of the commands shown below
  • /party create [password] - Create a party with the option to use a party password.
  • /party join [password] - Join a users party (password is required only if the party has one).
  • /party quit - Leave a party.
  • /party - Allows or disallows players to join your party using the party join command.
  • /party password - Sets a password for the party.
  • /party kick - Kicks the specified user from the party.
  • /party leader - Makes the specific user owner of the party.
  • /party disband - Disband your party.
  • /party itemshare - Enables itemshare with party members.
  • /party xpshare - Enables XP sharing with party members.
  • /p [message] - Changes chat to party chat. If a message is specified it is sent to party chat.

Text Info-boxes

  • /help - Opens a GUI of frequently used commands/useful information.
  • /discord - Sends a link to our Discord.
  • /ranks - Display the different ranks on the server.
  • /members - Become a member on the server an unlock all of these commands.
  • /rules - Displays main rules, and a link to the full page.
  • /chat - General chat rules.
  • /donate - Sends a link to our store.
  • /website - Sends a link to our website.
  • /map- Displays information about the world map & size.
  • /mobinfo - Displays information about mobs/entities.
  • /staff - The code of conduct for staff on MC-TVE.
  • /symbols - Chat symbols that can be used.
  • /joinmessages - Change your join message in game.

Essential Messaging Commands

  • /mail send - Sends a mail to the specified user.
  • /mail read - Reads any new mail.
  • /mail clear - Clears your mail box.
  • /ignore - Ignores a users messages; hides their public chat messages from you.
  • /r - Replies to the last user to send you a message.
  • /msg - Sends a message to the specified user.
  • /realname - Shows the specified users username and nickname.
  • /seen - Shows when the specified player was last seen online.


Miscellaneous Essential Commands

  • /list - Lists all online players.
  • /ping - Shows your ping to the server.
  • /disposal - Opens up a GUI that will delete any items put into it.
  • /compass - Sends you which direction you're facing.
  • /time - Tells you what time it is in the server.
  • /getpos - Displays your exact location/position.

Essential Teleportation Commands

  • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn.
  • /sethome [homename] - Sets a home with the specified name. 
    • Please be careful to not set your home on transparent/non-full blocks, such as half slabs, glass, leaves, stair blocks, chests, or carpet.
  • /home [homename] - If a home is specified, it'll teleport you there.
  • /delhome [homename] - Delete specified home.
  • /homes - Displays a list of all homes.
  • /warps [warpname] - Displays all public warps to teleport to or teleports you to the specified warp. View [here ]( more warp information.
  • /tpa - Sends a teleport request to the specified user. **Costs a diamond!**
  • /tpahere - Sends a teleport here request to the specified user.
    • Temporarily disabled due to an exploit found.
  • /tpaccept [username] - Accepts last teleport request, or the teleport request of a specified user.
  • /tpdeny [username] - Denies last teleport request, or the teleport request of the specified user.
  • /diamonds - See how many diamonds have been spent on teleports.

GriefDefender Basic Commands

  • /claim - Toggles claiming land. **No need for a golden shovel!**
  • /cf - Toggle between different flags inside of your claim.
  • /basiclaims - Toggles the basic claim creation mode.
  • /subdivideclaims - Toggles the subdivision creation mode.
  • /abandonallclaims - Deletes ALL of your claims. 
  • /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim/subdivision you're standing in.
  • /abandontop - Deletes a claim and all its subdivisions. 
  • /trust - If no permission is specified, the user will receive full privileged in your claim, minus the manager role.
  • /trust manager - Allows users to make permission changes to your claim.
  • /trust accessor - Allows users to interact with levers, buttons, doors, etc.
  • /trust container - Gives only container access permissions.
  • /trust builder - Gives only building permissions.
  • /trustall - Gives the specified user access to all of your claims.
  • /untrustall - Removes user from all of your claims.
  • /untrust - Removes specified user from the claim you're in.
  • /expandclaim [direction] - Expands claim by the specified amount in the direction you're facing.
  • /contractclaim - Contracts/shrinks the claim from the direction you are facing.
  • /claimtransfer - Gives the specified user your claim. **You lose access to it!**
  • /trustlist - Gives permission information about the claim you're standing in.
  • /claiminfo - Gives claim settings information.
  • /claimlist - Displays all of your claims/subdivides.
  • /claimgreeting - Displays a message when entering the claim.
  • /claimfarewell - Displays a message when leaving the claim.
  • /claimname - Sets a name for the claim you're standing in.
  • /givepet - Gives vanilla pets to specified user after you right click it.

mcMMO Commands

  • /party [message] - Changes chat to party chat. If a message is specified, it is sent to the party chat instead.
  • /mcstats - Shows your mcmmo levels in a scoreboard.
  • /inspect - Shows mcmmo levels for specified user in a scoreboard.
  • /mctop [skill] - Shows the top 10 players for power level of the specified skill.
  • /mcrank - Shows where you are on the mctop per skill. 
  • /mcability - Toggles on or off if abilities can be used.
  • /mcnotify - Toggles notifications being displayed in chat.
  • /mcscoreboard [n] - Setups a vanilla scoreboard displaying level information on your screen for [n] amount of seconds if set.
  • /acrobatics [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Acrobatics. If you add ? it will show the guide for Acrobatics.
  • /archery [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Archery. If you add ? it will show the guide for Archery.
  • /axes [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Axes. If you add ? it will show the guide for Axes.
  • /excavation [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Excavation. If you add ? it will show the guide for Excavation.
  • /fishing [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Fishing. If you add ? it will show the guide for Fishing.
  • /herbalism [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Herbalism. If you add ? it will show the guide for Herbalism.
  • /mining [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Mining. If you add ? it will show the guide for Mining.
  • /swords [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Swords. If you add ? it will show the guide for Swords.
  • /taming [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Taming. If you add ? it will show the guide for Taming.
  • /unarmed [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Unarmed. If you add ? it will show the guide for Unarmed.
  • /woodcutting [?] [page] - Shows your stats for Woodcutting. If you add ? it will show the guide for Woodcutting.
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