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Install Minimap & Worldmap

Install Guide

  1. Start the version of Minecraft that you're going to install the mod for at least once.
  2. Go to the official Minecraft Forge website:
  3. Download and run the recommended installer for the needed Minecraft version (1.15.2, etc). This should create a new "forge" profile in your Minecraft client if this is your first time using Forge (to change which Forge version to run you'll have to edit the "forge" profile).
  4. Start Minecraft with the "forge" profile at least once.
  5. Now click the download link below, choose the mod edition (must use fair-play) to the top-right of the page
  6. Choose the latest version of the mod for your Minecraft version and click "Download (.jar)". Wait 5 seconds and click "skip ad" in the top-right corner of the page.
  7. Go to C:/Users/YOUR USER/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods or to an equivalent on other OS'. On Windows you can open the "AppData" folder by pressing windows key + R and typing in: %appdata%
  8. Find your way into the "mods" folder as described in the previous step.
  9. Put the mod jar(s) you've just downloaded in the "mods" folder. You can now install any mods compatible with your Forge version by putting them in this folder.
  10. Start your minecraft launcher and start the game using the "forge" profile.
  11. If you are still having problems getting the mod to work, contact me on Discord by creating a support ticket in [#staff-help](


Downloadable Links:

If you do it right, you should be able to see a Minimap in the upper left corner (default location, can be moved) and if you press M, you'll open up the world map. Pressing Y will open up the Minimap mod menu, and pressing B will create a quick waypoint. 

about 1 month ago
Helper Guide

WIP - Not a completed draft. 


Helper rank is a trial position that will determine whether you will become a mod or not. Every month, each mod will be able to have a chance to review how you have been doing as a helper and will decide if you are ready to become a moderator. Don't be discouraged if you don't get moderator after your first month as a helper! You will receive feedback if there's anything you need to improve if you don't make moderator right away. If there are specific issues you may be put on a week probation to determine if you're able to improve on them. Some helpers may be demoted if we decide they aren't ready to be moderators. These people will be allowed to reapply in 3 months so that they have plenty of time to learn and grow before giving it another try; others may choose to stay as a helper instead of moving further up the chain of command.

Staff Code of Conduct   

As a helper you represent TVE just as much as a moderator. Because of this, you will be held to the same standards and code of conduct:

  1. Resolve conflict calmly, with kindness, and positivity.
  2. Actively orient players and explain rules & features.
  3. Be progression, mature, and separate personal matters from your duties.
  4. Act responsibly with staff commands & permissions.
  5. Collaborate with the team to make all jobs easier.

Failure to follow the code of conduct will result in demotion/termination.

If you're unsure about something, please ask! This is your time to learn.

Staff Chat Commands           

  • /kick [name] [reason]
  • /mute [name] [time] [reason]
  • /unmute [name]
  • /warn [name] [reason]
  • /unwarn [name]
  • /socialspy
  • /clearchat
  • /mutechat
  • /staffchat [message]

Staff Commands

  • /checkmute [name]
  • /checkban [name]
  • /history [name]
  • /warnings [name]
  • /whois [name]
  • /tps

Coreprotect Commands

  • /co i
  • /co L

Other than these commands, your job is to help the mods and the TVE community.

There are lots of things you can do to help! Answering people's questions and monitoring the chat for players in need are your main duties, but along with that you can also check that spawn shops meet regulations and are stocked, relay feedback from players to Dovkin and the moderators, monitor who is mining diamonds and is potentially x-raying, and maintain a positive attitude. You are part of the TVE team now and we appreciate you volunteering your time towards the server.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below. Thank you for helping make The Vanilla Experience a great place to play Minecraft!

Staff Confidentiality

Now that you’re part of the staff team, you’ll be able to see and hear conversations that are purely between staff. At no point should you be leaking information/screenshots/hints/staff documents etc to any non-staff. If it’s in a staff channel, a discussion between staff members or something that only staff can see, you should NOT be discussing/showing it with/to non-staff unless it’s been cleared by Dov/higher-up staff. Trust is crucial to running a staff team, therefore punishment for a break of staff confidentiality can result in a full demotion.


about 1 month ago
Marketplace Rules

This list of rules may not be the most up-to-date! Please view the full list of rules here.

Marketplace Rules

Please note, that having a shop plot on TVE is not a right, it's a privilege. At any point, if you break any rules on the server, you may lose access to being able to manage a shop. If you do not follow any of the rules below, you will be asked to correct the issue with your plot. All shop plots at the Marketplace are first-come-first-serve. You may not hold a plot.

  • You are not allowed to sell shop plots to other members on the server.
  • You are not allowed to build underground or into the ground.
  • If your shop overlaps with the pathways (or other spawn-related structures) of spawn, you may not edit or destroy them.
  • A shop's purpose should be just that - a shop. You may not use it as a base.
  • Powered beacons are not allowed inside of your shop plot.
  • You may place a maximum of:
    • 2 armour stands,
    • 4 item frames,
    • 1 lectern,
    • 2 hoppers.
  • Double chests are not allowed to be used. Single chests only!
    • Please note: You must have one free space inside of the chest to sell items.
    •  Members can have a maximum of 12 single shop chests, and Pro+ donators can have 20.
    •  You may request a moderator to trust a friend inside your shop, giving you double the amount of chests inside the plot (split between you and your friend). But you may not own more than one shop. 
  • Not properly maintaining your shop plot will lead to its removal.
    • Shops must have a minimum of 5 items being sold that are of value to the players at a sensible price.
    • Your shop must look nice! If you put little effort into the shop (like a basic cobblestone box), then expect it to be removed or told to remodel it. Use PMC to get some build ideas.
    •  Shops must be restocked frequently.
    •  Newly created plots and shops undergoing renovation maintenance must be up and running within a week of starting work.
  • You may not build nether portals, redstone devices, player trapping/killing contraptions or have donation/storage chests/barrels/shulkers/inventories inside of your shop.
  • Pets are not allowed inside of your shop/at the marketplace/spawn.
    • If left at spawn, they'll be deleted.
  • Shop plots are unclaimed after 21 days of not logging into the server. You can protect your shop by filling out this form on our website!
  •  If you lose your shop plot, your valuable items inside of the chests will be temporarily stored by a member of the staff team. If you're inactive for 60+ days, these items are now owned by the Server, and will be used in future giveaways/events; You can claim your items back within the first 60 days of the shop being removed by simply asking a Moderator for them.
  • Creating a replica of someone else's Artmap to sell is not allowed. Your art pieces must be server-originals, they can still be pixel-copied from websites. No plagiarizing other server members to sell them.
  • - Shop plot location may be changed once every 30 days. Request it in #staff-help on Discord.
  • - Shop must be accessible to all - no limiting others from using it. If it's floating, you need a ladder or staircase to access it.

Minimum prices for certain items:

  • Netherite ingot's can no longer be sold below 25 diamonds.
  • Beacon's can no longer be sold below 120 diamonds (i.e. Wither skeleton skulls must be priced at a minimum of 40 diamonds each.)
  • Shulker boxes can no longer be sold below 10 diamonds (i.e. shulker shells are 5 diamonds each. Selling bulker items, you must add the 10 diamond shulker cost to full cost).
  • Elytra's can no longer be sold below 64 diamonds.
  • Totem's of undying can no longer be sold below 10 diamonds.
  • Mending can no longer be sold below 15 diamonds.
  • Sharpness V, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III, all* Protection Books IV can no longer be sold below 10 diamonds.
    • All other enchantment books* can no longer be sold below 5 diamonds.

What does this mean for enchanted tools/weapons/armours?

  • Netherite tools/weapons/armours must be priced at a minimum of 25 diamonds. 
  • If the Netherite tool/weapon/armour has enchantments, they must be priced accordingly.
  • For example: If you're selling a Netherite pickaxe with mending, fortune, and efficiency 5, it must be a minimum of 60 diamonds.

Loopholes! Trying to get around minimums by instead selling items for dirt.. or.. stone.. or other items that are nowhere near worth the same amount, the shop will be deleted.

But wait! Just because these are the lowest "minimums" items can go, does not mean you must sell the items for this low. I personally think many of the things up above are worth much more than the minimum amount!

Non-shop Sales! Just because it's not being sold through our shop plugin, does not mean you can sell something for below the minimum price. If you're selling a beacon, it must be sold for no less than 120 diamonds.

2 months ago
Welcome to the new forums; Forums vs. Discord

The only negative aspect I’ve noticed has been that more and more people seem to be using Discord for support/help/troubleshooting with things they are working on. I get that the real-time back and forth can be very appealing for this, but there are several good reasons for us to favor using the forums for those types of topics:

  • New questions/topics in the forum stay visible for much longer, whereas with Discord they get pushed up in the chat pretty quickly (sometimes prompting the same person to re-ask the same question a few times)
  • Topics are threaded on the forums, so it’s much more organized and better-suited for long term discussion (when you ask a question on Discord it is invariably mixed in with whatever other people are talking about as well)
  • Having longer-running threads allows other people who may have the same question or problem later on to see it (or find it through searching) and jump in on the discussion.
  • Forum threads show up in Google search results, which is very handy (I’ve even run across threads on our forums I missed when googling for a solution to a problem) for server publicity. 
  • The real-time nature of people direct-messaging you on Discord can quite frankly be a little stressful. There’s the expectation from people that they will receive an answer immediately and I’ve had multiple experiences where a user was obviously getting irritated with me for not answering them quickly enough. The forums are much more relaxed in this regard (like emailing vs. text messaging).

So with the above in mind we’re going to start trying to steer people toward using the forums for support/questions/troubleshooting, and using Discord more for general chat/banter. It’s a fine line (we don’t want to ban ALL questions, that would be silly), and so will largely be up to the discretion of the mods on Discord. I'll also be creating a ton of how-to guides/other useful information to be posted on the forums, that can be referred to whenever someone has a question, instead of having to answer the same question a dozen times a week.

This is not to say that the Discord is useless for past information, it's more so that users don't know how to utilize the search feature, as it's quite in-depth and intense, and can be intimidating. But it's easier than you think! If you've ever got a question that you're unsure about, use the Discord search function before asking for help:

Any questions/concerns/feedback please post them here!

2 months ago
Setting up a Warp

What are Warps?

Warps allow everyone on a server to instantly teleport to a specific place within the world. They work just like homes (/sethome & /home), but everyone has access to the warps! We are very excited to have our own custom warp system that allows players to easily create their own warp wherever they want and maintain them (the name, description, icon, passcodes, and more) on their own! This lets you easily promote your town, shop, or just about anything else on the server. To purchase a warp, visit here.

Maintaining a Warp

We've made it easy for you to maintain your warp on your own. As the warp owner you can change the name, description, and icon anytime. There is no charge for modifying a warp. To access the GUI to manage your warp, just do /warps and click on the chest labeled "My Warps" in the bottom left corner. The GIF below may be outdated.


Maintaining a warp also involves making sure it looks nice, shops are well stocked, and, if it's a town, open plots are always available for residents to move in. Make sure you keep up on maintaining your warp or it could be deleted! If a warp is deleted by a staff member, you can recreate it by yourself, but please follow the warp requirements next time!

Warp Requirements

  1. You need to be the owner of the claim your warp is placed in!
  2. Your warp area should look good. It should look professional, and be nearly finished. Your warp should be safe for players and easy to navigate. Additionally, your warp should have a primary function. When a player spawns it should be immediately clear how to use the primary function; include detailed warp descriptions!
  3. If your warp's primary function is a shop, then they need to be selling something players want and you need to keep them well stocked.
  4. If your warp is a town or shopping district/mall, the entire place should be inside one claim. You should have plenty of subdivided plots set up, and be active enough to maintain and assign players to those subdivided plots quickly.
  5. If your warp is a public spawner or mob farm, players must have access to the materials dropped by mobs, either for free or as part of a profit setup.
  6. If your warp is something else, such as a pretty build players enjoy hanging out at, then make sure it's unique or offers something that other similar warps do not. (If the project is awesome, I may ask to create a private (PMC) warp for it, and upload the build schematic to PMC!)
  7. Warps needs to be more than 500 blocks apart, and two warps can not lead to the same area.

Warp Notes

  • With this post, the creation of shops (using the plugin /market) are now allowed outside of spawn and marketplace, but ONLY when it's at a warp point setup for the shop/town/marketplace/etc. This does NOT mean you can create a private shop outside of someone else's warp/claim and then advertise it that way. 
  • The rules for the marketplace do not apply for private warp shops - Chest creation limit is still enforced. Defaults/guests(non-members) can not create shops, Members who are Savage+ vote rank can create 12 chests, and Pro+ members can create 20 chests. These can be double chests outside of the spawn & main marketplace. I do highly suggest warp/claim owners to enforce similar rules, as they are there to help prevent the average user from lagging!
  • Warp owners of malls/shop plots: If you'd like someone's chests removed for whatever reason, contact a Moderator+.

Useful Commands

  • /warp - Opens up the main warp menu.
  • /warp icon - Sets your warps icon to held item.
  • /warp rename - Rename your warp.
  • /warp rate - Rate any specified warp out of 5 stars.
  • /warp desc - Set your warps description.
  • /warp lock - Toggles locking and unlocking your warp. Locked warps prevent teleporting to them.
  • /warp password - Create a password for your warp.
  • /warp set - Set your warp. You must own a warp to set them. Purchase in game with /buy.
  • /warp remove - Delete your specified warp.