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2 months ago

I have disabled and prevented tons of farming exploits; such as tnt dupers, block dupers, 0 tick pistons, anti-fishing, preventing minecarts from going into blocks, villagers being able to change their trades in half a second, and loads of other things. It all comes down to what I'm not wanting on my survival multiplayer server. All those issues I mentioned, Mojang has acknowledged them, but will not be pushing any sort of fixes for them, which is fine for single-player. But on a multiplayer atmosphere with a marketplace for competitive trading, being able to produce 30k melons in an hour with a super simple ONE farmable land with 0 tick pistons, in my opinion, shouldn't be allowed.

3 months ago
TVE Server Rules

These rules are created for peace and order within the server, therefore all players must follow them. Any violations or exploitation of these rules should be reported to the staff team for investigation.

  1. Be Kind. Our staff will not hesitate to ban those who are being a toxic, racist, homophobic or misogynist troll. See /bans in game.
  2. Earn Your Items. Doing things such as begging, cheating, or hacking ruins the survival spirit. Try the shops or work hard for them. See /basics in game.
  3. No Destructive Griefing. Griefing shouldn't be a fun thing to do! If you're needing to remove a structure that's an eyesore to look at, that's fine (as long as it's unclaimed). Check if they are active! (/seen ) See /grief in game.
  4. Clean and Civil Chat. Make the chat helpful, friendly and fun for everyone by keeping a positive vibe; No excessive cursing or inappropriate words, spamming, heavily controversial or political conversations. See /chat in game.
  5. English-only Chat. Using only the English language helps our staff moderate the chat to keep it clean and civil.
  6. No Game Exploitation. Things that make the game easier and exploited such as AFK Fish Farms, 0 Tick Pistons, or TNT Duplications are strictly forbidden.
  7. No Heavy Redstone. Don’t create heavy redstone contraptions that will make everyone else’s experience unpleasant. Keep it compact and be considerate.
  8. Compact Mob Farms. Keep the holding chamber for XP and Mob farms limited to a 1x1 (Some exceptions for other mobs: spiders, guardians, etc.) See /farms in game.

If you have been punished and you disagree with a staff member’s decision, please respectfully post your side (or your defense) in the #staff-help channel on our /discord server.

3 months ago
Three Word Story!!

bean. He turned

3 months ago
How to post your Ideas

Hi there!

Follow these guidelines and we'll consider your ideas and feedback at our next staff meeting and discuss it. After that we'll update your idea post with a status. Hopefully after that we put it into practice so everyone can start enjoying your idea! So let's get to it!

Describe your one idea in 1-3 sentences, and answer:
- Why will players enjoy this idea?
- How does this idea help or enhance the values of TVE?
- On a scale of 1-10 (1=easy, 10=hard/complex) how complex is this idea?

3 months ago
PvP Claims(?)

Currently we do have /warp pvp that was built by 88_MPH, and is used as a PVP arena for consensual PVP events, and 1v1's by players. Anyone is allowed to build their own arena (get permission from Dovkin to build near spawn, though!), and classify it as an arena, and set your own rules for it - though the one at /warp pvp, you must always return items, unless agreed upon by both parties. 

In the overworld, in all areas, PVP must be consensual. This meaning, nowhere can you just be killed without agreeing to a fight beforehand. 😄