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3 months ago
Town Recruitment: Esteva

Me and Lucky have become leaders in a new settlement/town, and we call it Esteva.  Our goal is to provide a safe location for people to coorperate on several builds, massive or small.  We live atop a large mushroom biome, and are currently working on several builds: Skyfort, the Underground city, an underwater city (I think), and "Sortmatron2000". If you wish to join, assuming you haven't already joined our discord, send an application here for approval. We need:


-willingness to give and receive contributions for building, either from labor or donation

-Building Plans (include size estimation and if possible, planned building method)

-Estimated play Frequency

Please be truthful; while we are less likely to accept an inactive member, if you ARE accepted you wont be kicked for behaving as you have already described in the forum. 

3 months ago
Bug: negative splash potions dont work in any claims

Even though all other forms of PVP are possible in claims, splash potions with debuffs do not affect other players in them, and gives a message that implies that it considered the potion attacking the individual. This is despite arrows, melee weapons, lingering effects, and tridents working perfectly fine, and is not effected by who owns the claim 

3 months ago
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